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To me, success is actually supporting other people, not only your own family. It's also supporting your students and doing something good for society. So it is contributing to the well-being of others, contributing to humanity and giving some something back.

Branka Vucetic

Branka Vucetic

Georgina Sweet Fellowship ARC Laureate Fellow

Director of the Centre for IoT and Telecommunications 

The University of Sydney

"Gentlemen and Branka..."

For quite a while, Branka Vucetic was the only female in her faculty but she remembers humorously how the staff was addressed at the beginning of a meeting. Fortunately, things have changed and there are now significantly more women in Engineering. In the video, you will hear Branka talk about how she managed being a female in a male-dominated area. 


As part of her Georgina Sweet ambassadorial role, Branka created a program of activities that supported the promotion of STEM education in Australia at high schools and universities. She talks more in depth about these well-received initiatives in the podcast.

In the video, Branka shares some advice for young academics about what helped her be successful. She identified mentoring and networking as key factors to help you do well in academia.


Branka also really values the importance of having hobbies to achieve the 'balance' that enables her to have perspective and a break to be the best she can be at work.

"We have many talents. [...]It would be good to pursue any other talents rather than the main one, which is our profession." - BV


A snapshot of our conversation with Branka Vucetic

Branka Vucetic - Story

Branka Vucetic - Story

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Branka Vucetic on the Internet of things and being a woman in a male-dominated field


Branka Vucetic's Podcast - Interview by Sharon Parker

More insightful tips from Branka and other women

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