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Well-being and happiness is actually really important in academic productivity.

- Margaret Jolly

Margaret Jolly

ARC Laureate Fellow (2010 - 2016)

Professor School of Culture, History and Language
College of Asia and the Pacific

Australian National University

Her English teacher at school predicted that Margaret would be most engaged with something between social sciences and humanities. Knowing where she is today, this prediction was quite prescient. Margaret went to the University of Sydney to study English literature and history but she fell in love with anthropology in her first semester.


Today, Margaret is a leader in the anthropology profession, who has written extensively on gender in the Pacific, on exploratory voyages and travel writing, missions and contemporary Christianity, maternity and sexuality, cinema and art.

In the video, you will get to know Margaret and hear some of the intimate and meaningful stories that have defined her career. She also touches on the cultural change required to foster academic productivity and quality.

Since her undergraduate days, Margaret has been a strong advocate of gender equity and you can listen to her views on what can be done institutionally to account for the fact that men and women generally have very different lives and carer responsibilities.


Highlights of our conversation with Margaret Jolly

Margaret Jolly - Story

Margaret Jolly - Story

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Margaret Jolly's Podcast on becoming an academic, dealing with the challenges of her early career and building confidence.

Margaret Jolly's Podcast - Interview by Sharon Parker

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