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What I love about my work is the creative side. If you're going to move science and knowledge forward, you've got to be creative, you've got to be innovative. 

- Lorraine Mazerolle

Lorraine Mazerolle

ARC Laureate Fellow

Chief Investigator with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Children and Families over the Life Course (LCC)

Professor of Criminology, University of Queensland

Professor Lorraine Mazerolle has had a long and distinguished career in the field of criminology. Working particularly in the areas of policing, crime prevention and regulatory crime control, Lorraine has partnered with various police agencies in Queensland and New South Wales, as well as schools with high-risk students. Her Laureate research in particular, focussed on third-party policing, and the ways that partnering the police with schools in targeted ways can serve to reduce truancy, and divert troubled youths away from the justice system. Lorraine’s achievements and contributions have most recently been acknowledged by the peak body in her field, The American Society of Criminology, who have recently awarded Lorraine the Sellin-Glueck Award, and welcomed her as elected fellow of the Society.  

Working with industry partners throughout her career, Lorraine has plenty of experience with negotiating, and she explains her approach to negotiating within the video. Lorraine also describes the centrality of creativity and innovation to her research, a discussion which demonstrates her passion for both her area of expertise, and the process of researching.

A keen athlete, Lorraine has also recently taken up golf, an activity she makes time for at least once a week. This focus on physical and mental wellbeing is something Lorraine reflects on at length in the podcast, as well as the importance of maintaining strong boundaries between work and home life.

Lorraine Mazerolle on work/life balance, creativity and innovation in research and managing collaborations.


A snapshot of our conversation with Lorraine Mazerolle

Lorraine Mazerolle - Story

Lorraine Mazerolle - Story

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Lorraine Mazerolle's Podcast - Interview by Sharon Parker

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More insightful tips from Lorraine and other women

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