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I think all of us who feel like we didn't belong in the first place, have a pretty good idea about how to open doors. Not only that but also how to actually change things and create pathways for others.

- Sue O’Reilly

Sue O’Reilly

Director of ARC Centre of Excellence for Core to Crust Fluid Systems

Macquarie University

Water is essential for human existence, indeed for life’s beginning. The deep circulation of water and other fluids lubricates the deep-seated dynamics that keep Earth geologically alive, and its surface habitable. 


The ARC Centre of Excellence for Core to Crust Fluid Systems, led by Sue O'Reilly, integrates previously disparate fields - geochemistry, petrophysics, geophysics and numerical and thermodynamical modelling - to reach a new level of understanding of Earth’s dynamics and the fluid cycle(s) through time. In the podcast, Sue provides us a better understanding of the impact of the Centre as well as how she manages her workload and her teams. Sue also talks about how she strives to provide a supportive and family-friendly environment. 

Creating positive relationships is central to Sue's success. In the video, she explains the importance of having a mentor, being a good contributor to a team environment and having effective interpersonal skills to flourish in academia.


As a child, Sue was greatly influenced by her father who was an amazing, self-taught natural scientist. He instilled in her the love of observation, thinking, sorting out 'why' and today she is inspiring the next generation of scientists to connect with people and make a difference.

Sue O’Reilly on increasing knowledge about the Earth, personal growth and developing positive relationships and networks


A snapshot of our conversation with Sue O’Reilly

Sue O'Reilly - Story

Sue O'Reilly - Story

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Sue O'Reilly's Podcast - Interview by Sharon Parker

More insightful tips from Sue and other women

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