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I want to build multidisciplinary research teams  that can

respond to one of the huge challenges of the present and make history useful.

Glenda Sluga

Glenda Sluga

ARC Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate Fellow

Professor of International History  

The University of Sydney

In an era where the narrative counts, historians can change narratives, digging around for evidence and facts that remind us of world’s that have disappeared, or that we are losing, and broadening out the spectrum of discussion, whether about politics, economics, culture or society.


Glenda Sluga’s work has established the significance of international history to our understanding of national pasts, and our contemporary global world. Her Laureate is dedicated to recovering the economic dimensions of international political and social life, and to probing the international context of economic thinking and change. In the video, she reflects on the importance of history on a personal and social level. She also talks about writing and how you can improve your own writing with the help of others.


For Glenda, it’s important to keep things in perspective: she does it by swimming in the ocean at dawn when she can, and working over coffee in the best beachside café or getting to a ballet class. Glenda thinks these can be the moments when you have your best ideas.


Of course, having a daughter who she wants to spend time with also helps with perspective. In the podcast, Glenda talks about managing the demands of her job and having to say ‘no’ to prioritise what matters to her. Glenda also generously shared some thoughts about confidence, juggling family and helping early-career researchers.


Highlights of our conversation with Glenda Sluga

Glenda Sluga - Story

Glenda Sluga - Story

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Glenda Sluga on making history useful, making time for what matters and writing

Glenda Sluga's Podcast - Interview by Sharon Parker

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