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What I’m trying to tell people is maybe it’s not so much about how many papers you produce, but try and just do good work, and work with people that you like working with.

- Jolanda Jetten

Jolanda Jetten

ARC Laureate Fellow

Professor of Psychology, University of Queensland

A social psychologist interested in the factors needed to promote successful adjustment of collective-level change, Professor Jolanda Jetten is one of the most recent awardees of the ARC Laureate Fellowship. Given the increasing social and political divisions within different communities around the world, Jolanda’s research has important ramifications for how social change can most effectively be negotiated, on a personal, collective and policy level. Jolanda is also a fellow of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia, and has previously been awarded an ARC Future Fellowship.

As a Professor of Social Psychology, Jolanda is particularly interested in challenging the expectations of persistent overtime and supporting her colleagues in achieving a more manageable work/life balance, and she explores this at length in the podcast. In the video, Jolanda explains why she values leaders who place listening at the centre of their management style.

Jolanda also offers strategies for younger academics in the podcast; she explains how to network effectively with more senior academics, and also encourages young academics to focus more on whether their skills and research history aligns with the direction of a particular research role, rather than whether their resume is extensive enough.


A snapshot of our conversation with Jolanda Jetten

Jolanda Jetten - Story

Jolanda Jetten - Story

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Jolanda Jetten on maintaining work/life balance, networking, and the importance of 'fit' in research roles. 

Jolanda Jetten's Podcast - Interview by Sharon Parker

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