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"Even today, I sometimes notice very traditional patterns of household management among my younger colleagues: both spouses will be working but the woman is still expected to be the one to take the days off when the children are sick and to run the household. I am not saying there is no improvement at all compared to 25 years ago, but [these traditional divisions of labour are] remarkably durable."

- Hilary Charlesworth

Hilary Charlesworth

ARC Laureate Fellow

Professor of Human Rights Law, The University of Melbourne

When she left Australia to further her law studies in the US, Hilary Charlesworth thought she would "just go for the bar" but little did she know her rich experience at Harvard Law School would inspire her to pursue a career in academia.


Hilary's Laureate project focused on a problem endemic to the international human rights system: why are international human rights standards widely accepted in theory but so hard to implement in practice? Although the international community has created a complex and sophisticated system of human rights standards, these principles are regularly sidelined or ignored by countries that have accepted them. 

Hilary has held both an ARC Federation Fellowship and an ARC Laureate Fellowship and in the podcast, you will have some insights on the skills that enabled her to be productive and successful. In the video, she shares some advice specifically around writing .

In the podcast, Hilary also talks about the importance of building a strong network for collaboration as well as support. Hilary has occupied several academic and practitioner positions around the world which have certainly made her career a rich and rewarding journey.

Hilary Charlesworth on international human rights, building a supportive network and being productive. 


A snapshot of our conversation with Hilary Charlesworth

Hilary Charlesworth - Story

Hilary Charlesworth - Story

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Hilary Charlesworth's Podcast - Interview by Sharon Parker

More insightful tips from Hilary and other women

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