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I think all of us who feel like we didn't belong in the first place, have a pretty good idea about how to open doors. Not only that but also how to actually change things and create pathways for others.

- Jill Bennett

Jill Bennett

ARC Laureate Fellow

Professor of Experimental Arts

Director of National Institute of Experimental Arts

University of New South Wales

Trauma is an experience that is hard to process cognitively and put into words. Initially, Jill Bennett did a lot of work on the use of visual imagery and aesthetic techniques for describing and communicating that experience. Her research had many different outputs, theoretical and practical in terms of workshops and exhibition outputs.

Jill's trans-disciplinary approach to her research enables her to work with artists and cognitive neuro-psychologists for example, when she works on the translation of the lived experienced of people with mental health or neurological conditions. In the podcast, you can hear Jill's capturing thoughts about engaging with community and also the practice of empathy as a social process.

As you will see in the video, Jill strives to develop organisational models to enable collaborations and people. She was the first in her family to attend university and it is rewarding for Jill to create pathways for others in academia today. 

In the podcast, Jill humorously opens up about the challenges of motherhood and she shares how being a mother taught her to be a multi-tasker. Jill provides a very honest and refreshing perspective

on the compromises she has made in her career and also as a mum which many may relate to.

Jill Bennett on representations of mental health, engaging the community and staying true to yourself


A snapshot of our conversation with Jill Bennett

Jill Bennett - Story

Jill Bennett - Story

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Jill Bennett's Podcast - Interview by Sharon Parker

More insightful tips from Jill and other women

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