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I think that the capacity to observe and just listen is actually very important in the workplace and helps in a leadership role and helps just trying to sort out the complex personalities in an academic department.

Lesley Head

Lesley Head

ARC Laureate Fellow 2009-2004, the University of Wollongong

Currently Professor of Geography, the University of Melbourne

Lesley Head is a geographer who wants to understand how humans have physically changed earth’s systems, how we think about our place in nature, and how these two things are connected.

In the podcast, Lesley reminisces on how having young children helped her manage her time effectively. Having a demanding career requires support, resilience and discipline and in the podcast, Lesley shares how these have contributed to her success.

After many years at the University of Wollongong, where she became an ARC Laureate Fellow, Lesley moved to The University of Melbourne where she became the Head of the new School of Geography. In the podcast, she reflects on being a female leader and why it took her a while to apply for promotions and leadership roles. ​

In the video, Lesley talks about the impact of her and she also shares some encouraging thoughts on career progression for women in academia.


A snapshot of our conversation with Lesley Head

Lesley Head - Story

Lesley Head - Story

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Lesley Head on writing, success in academia and confidence for promotion

Lesley Head's Podcast - Interview by Sharon Parker

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