We provide you with the opportunity to complete one or more of four specially-designed Women in Research surveys,
from which you will receive personalised feedback and tips to guide you in your career:


1. Managing You

2. Managing Your Work Well-Being

3. Managing, Influencing and Leading Others, and

4. Managing Your Career 


Each survey is:

  • Validated by research. All of the aspects we survey are research-based evidence meaning that the guidance is evidence-based.

  • Free of charge. We provide these surveys without cost for your own personal development and to support research into women's careers. 

  • Benchmarked against managerial populations, where available. For most of the measures, we are able to show you how your responses compare to a large group of more than 500 Australian managers. We also provide information about how your response compares to other Australian women researchers.

  • Linked to website resources. When you receive your personalised feedback report, the report shows links between the survey findings and the materials covered in the website. 

  • Completely confidential. We ask you to generate a unique identifier (known only to you) so that we can link your different surveys. Your individual data will be treated confidentially, and viewed only by the research team. Only you will receive your personalised feedback report, and entirely it's up to you who you share it with. 


Hover on the boxes below to find out about each survey and to see a sample report.

NOTE- in the first survey you complete, you will be asked some detailed demographic questions so we can understand the impact of these factors on your responses. These will not be repeated when you complete subsequent surveys.


If you have any issues with the surveys, please let us know