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What I really want is to have inspired a whole generation of young people to do science, whether it's astronomy or not. 

Lisa Kewley

Lisa Kewley

Director of ARC Centre of Excellence for 

All-sky Astrophysics in 3D

Professor of Astrophysics - Australian National University

Lisa Kewley became interested in astronomy after her parents in South Australia encouraged engagement with the sciences and she was influenced by a high school physics teachers and participation in school stargazing camp.   


Lisa is particularly aware of the under-representation of women in the STEM and you can listen to her talking about how she enjoys encouraging young girls to pursue exciting careers in science.

She spent her early career as a Research Fellow in the USA where she received respectable accolades and started a family. In the podcastLisa openly talks about the challenges of her early career and juggling family and work.

At the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-sky Astrophysics in 3D, Lisa and her team set ambitious goals to have 50% of women at all levels. In the video, she shares her thoughts on gender equity and on what institutions can do to enable female academics.

The challenges Lisa encountered throughout her career helped her build her confidence to cope with rejections and setbacks and be the successful leader she is today.


Highlights of our conversation with Lisa Kewley

Lisa Kewley - Story

Lisa Kewley - Story

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Lisa Kewley on encouraging girls in STEM, early career challenges and leading a successful Centre of Excellence

Lisa Kewley's Podcast - Interview by Sharon Parker

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