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I think a strength in leadership is delegating to others because you empower them and then

they can empowers others, and so on.

- Joy Damousi

Joy Damousi

ARC Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate Fellow

Professor of History - The University of Melbourne

It's the storytelling qualities of her mother that ignited Joy's passion for history. As a child of Greek post-war immigrants, she enjoys her mother's tales of historical events in Greece. 


As part of her Laureate, Joy leads a team who is researching how things can be improved for child refugees in Australia and what lessons we can learn from the past.

In the video, you will appreciate Joy's encouraging insights on her progressively-built resilience and how she copes with rejection today.

Joy is also a strong advocate for gender equity in higher education and in the podcast, she shares her views on what universities can do to support women.

Joy values the importance of support, mental health and home/work balance to be a successful academic, and makes interesting points about this in the podcast.


Highlights of our conversation with Joy Damousi

Joy Damousi - Story

Joy Damousi - Story

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Joy Damousi on child refugees, resilience and leadership

Joy Damousi's Podcast - Interview by Sharon Parker

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