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We trained people in problem-solving in areas where there are a lot of unknown things. It's about the people and bringing science to the Australian public.

Elaine Sadler

Elaine Sadler

Director of former ARC Centre of Excellence for
All-sky Astrophysics (CAASTRO)

Professor of Astrophysics - University of Sydney
ATNF Chief Scientist - CSIRO

After operating for seven years, CAASTRO leaves an exemplary and exemplary legacy, not only for the science but in areas like outreach and gender equity.


As CAASTRO Director, Elaine Sadler oversaw a network of over 100 scientists and more than 40 research students across CAASTRO's seven university nodes and eleven Australian and overseas partner institutions.

In the video, Elaine talks about how she became an astronomer. She has broad research interests in extragalactic astronomy, and uses both radio and optical telescopes in her research. She will soon have new responsibilities that she was excited to share with us.


CAASTRO has really been noticed for their approach to gender equity. We highly recommend watching Elaine talking about how CAASTRO had policies and tools to guide gender equity strategy. The Centre was committed to a family-friendly and flexible working environment to enable female early-career researchers.

In the podcast, we also had a chat with Elaine about how she managed to pursue both having a family and an exciting career. 


Highlights of our conversation with Elaine Sadler

Elaine Sadler - Story

Elaine Sadler - Story

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