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I think the only talent I have is actually to recruit good people and keep them around me. And I always believe it doesn't matter how hard I work, how well I work, I only have one pair of pants. So really, the delivery and the achievement really depend on the team.

- Xinhua Wu

Xinhua Wu

Director, ARC Centre of Excellence for Design & 
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Monash University

With its unique natural resources, Australia could play a significant role in the global aerospace industry. The potential of the local industry has received a significant boost with the presence of Professor Xinhua Wu at Monash University. Xinhua is an established expert who has the attention of the biggest names in aerospace industry and in the podcast she talks about what it's like to collaborate with industry and to stand up for herself in a male-dominated world.


Xinhua moved from Europe to Australia to head the ARC Centre for Excellence for Design in Light Metals, a collaboration of six universities and more than 100 researchers. In the podcast, Xinhua talks about her approach to leading a team and the importance of delegation.

In the video, Xinhua talks about the importance of having her mentor believe in her at a young age. In her career, colleagues including male colleagues have provided her support to pursue her goals and be successful.


A snapshot of our conversation with Xinhua Wu

Xinhua Wu - Story

Xinhua Wu - Story

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Xinhua Wu on aeroengine 3D printing, succeeding in male-dominated area and leading a team.

Xinhua Wu's Podcast - Interview by Sharon Parker

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