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Our work is multi-disciplinary and staff and students have training in the fields of chemical engineering, chemistry, biochemistry and food science. Our research spans fundamental problems through to applied research that aims to translate research findings to a range of industries.” 

Sally Gras

Sally Gras

Associate Director of ARC Dairy Innovation Hub

Professor of Biochemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering The University of Melbourne

With a biologist mother and a physicist father, Sally Gras humorously reflects on the fact she did her PhD in biophysics, combining her parents' respective disciplines.Today she still enjoys leading research groups that combine different disciplines to address one single issue.

Sally led the ARC Dairy Innovation Hub which addresses some of the major constraints to business growth and productivity in the dairy manufacturing sector. Collaboration is an important aspect of her work and in the video, Sally shares some strategies around working effectively with industry and influencing policy.

As you will understand from the podcast, time management, consultation and a balanced approach to work and life are key elements to Sally's success.

You can listen to Sally reflect on what young scholars can do to succeed in their early career, from publishing to coping with pressure and setbacks.

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I know how she does it, by Laura Vanderkam


Highlights of our conversation with Sally Gras

Sally Gras - Story

Sally Gras - Story

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Sally Gras on helping the dairy manufacturing industry, collaboration and keys to success.

Sally Gras' Podcast - Interview by Sharon Parker

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