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Webinar #25: Advice to your younger self: career insights from female ARC Laureates

"What advice would you give to your younger academic self?"

A few years ago, when Professor Sharon Parker was creating content for the Women in Research website, she interviewed female ARC Laureate Fellows and asked them all this question.

The responses were fascinating and inspiring, and included "Be bold and take risks sooner!" and from another "Spend more time with my baby before going back to work." So much wisdom and authentic reflection was stimulated by this one question that we have decided to feature it in our webinar series!

For our special 25th Women in Research webinar, we want to celebrate the success of our fabulous female Laureates, whilst also learning and being inspired by them. If you are at a crossroads and seeking guidance from someone who has been there before you, or simply someone who loves to hear other researchers' stories, this special webinar is for you!

As lead of the Women in Research initiative, and an ARC Laureate Fellow, John Curtin Distinguished Professor Sharon Parker (Curtin University), will commence the webinar by providing some evidence-based tips around career success. For instance, part of Professor Parker's discussion will be around the concept of 'regret'. Followed by a conversation with our five ARC Laureate Fellow guest panellists on the question "What advice would you give to your younger academic self?"

Our ARC Laureate Fellow guest panellists include:

  • Professor Larissa Behrendt (University of Technology Sydney, Discipline: Indigenous law )

  • Professor Katherine Demuth (Macquarie University, Discipline: Linguistics )

  • Professor Margaret Jolly (Australian National University, Discipline:  Gender and Pacific studies)

  • Professor Martina Stenzel (UNSW, Discipline: Chemistry)

  • Professor Karen Thorpe, (University of Queensland, Discipline: Early childhood education and care)


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