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Applying The GROW Model for Mentoring

Updated: May 27, 2020

At our inaugural Women in Workshop, we dedicated a part of the session to "Mentoring Others".

We've explored and practiced the GROW model. GROW is a simple four-step model for structuring coaching and mentoring sessions. It outlines a systematic and methodical framework between mentor and mentee for goal-setting and problem-solving.

Based on the Women in Research surveys our participants completed, we asked them to identify something they might like to work on that would make a difference to their work or career. For example, they might want to give more attention to their family, stop procrastinating on a grant application, deal with a difficult boss or peer, get on top of their work load, or try something new.

Participants used the “GROW” model to help them think about achieving their goal, and then they would use the same model to help them think about their change.

Mentors/coaches should focus on asking questions and listening, not offering advice. Below is a summary for coaches/mentors and some example questions to use (just select a few from each category).


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