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Webinar #23: The right balance: Managing teaching and research responsibilities in academia

Struggling to prioritise between your teaching and research responsibilities?

Researchers are increasingly expected to balance their time between creating impactful research and providing quality teaching. Achieving a more balanced workload is possible, so that you can achieve success in all areas of your academic career. We will discuss and share best practice tips and ideas to provide you insights into how you can best manage these conflicting academia priorities.

In this upcoming webinar, lead of the Women in Research initiative, ARC Laureate Fellow and John Curtin Distinguished Professor Sharon Parker (Curtin University), will provide some evidence-based tips for managing your teaching and research responsibilities in academia.

She will be joined by ARC Laureate Fellows, Professor Elaine Holmes (Murdoch University) and Professor Catherine Lovelock (The University of Queensland) who will share their insights on how they navigate their own responsibilities between research and teaching.

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