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Webinar #24: Ask the Laureates anything! A webinar devoted to your questions

This webinar is being dedicated entirely to you and your questions.

In our usual Women in Research sessions, we always run out of time for your questions! So this session is dedicated entirely to questions and answers. It is an opportunity for us to dedicate our time to discuss anything at all that you are curious about, or would welcome diverse perspectives on. So get your questions ready!

This Women in Research Webinar will be hosted live, for the first time, as part of the highly successful annual PhD Thinkers Program 2023 at the PSC Global Observatory, Centre for Workplace Excellence, University of South Australia. This program is hosted by Professor Maureen Dollard, Kathleen Fitzpatrick Fellow and ARC Laureate. It brings together female PhD candidates from across Australia to advance interdisciplinary inquiry on trending work health and safety topics.

Lead of the Women in Research initiative, ARC Laureate Fellow and John Curtin Distinguished Professor Sharon Parker (Curtin University), will be joined by ARC Laureate Fellow Professor Maureen Dollard (University of South Australia) to answer your questions and share their insights, advice, and guidance.

Your questions might be around career guidance, work and family, mental health, supervision, time management, grant applications, or anything at all to do with being a female researcher! Check out the Women in Research website for more ideas.

As always, we welcome your online participation and eagerly await your questions! Please register for the webinar below and submit your questions.


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