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Webinar #1: Managing Your Mental Health and Well-Being at Work

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

In October, we kicked off the first webinar of the Women In Research ‘Small Wins’ series on Managing your Health and Well-Being during COVID-19. A very special thank you to ARC Laureate Fellows Christine Beveridge and Lorraine Mazerolle, who so graciously participated in the panel.

We reflected on preliminary findings which revealed that over 100 female researchers experienced feelings of stress or burnout during the COVID-19 pandemic, and discussed and strategies to manage and cope with these feelings, with an emphasis on recognizing "small wins". We hope that by making small changes in your routine, you will start seeing "small wins" in your health and well-being.

Read evidence-based tips on our Health and Well-being page by clicking here.

Download a copy of the presentation slides by clicking here.

Download the poll results by clicking here.

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  • Greater Good Science Center

  • Chat 10 Looks 3 (Christine's recommended podcast)


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