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Webinar #2: Staying Sane Whilst Managing Home-Work Challenges

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Navigating the blurred lines of work space and home space during the COVID-19 pandemic can be hard at times, especially for female academics.

In November, we hosted our second webinar of the Women in Research 'Small Wins' series, discussing what can be done to achieve control and support in academia.

A very special thank you to ARC Laureate Fellows Professor Lisa Kewley and Professor Jolanda Jetten, who so graciously participated in the panel and shared their practical tips on juggling home and work demands, summarised below

Sharon's summary of the evidence:

Reduce home-work conflict by changing your "situation"

  • Reduce job stressors (e.g., reduce your work load)

  • Increase support from your peers (eg build your networks)

  • Ask for support from your supervisor

  • Reduce family stressors (e.g., outsource cleaning)

  • Increase family supports & develop a sharing family climate

  • Increase autonomy & boundary control

Reduce home-work conflict by changing your behavior

  • Proactively manage your boundaries (segment or integrate according to preference)

  • Actively solve problems rather than just emotionally venting

  • Get support from a coach or counsellor if you are naturally a highly anxious person

Tips from Prof Jolanda Jetten (University of Queensland):

  1. Don't try to be a superhuman

  2. Stick to your allocated work hours

  3. It's not about whether to have kids - it's about who you're having kids with

  4. Have friends outside of academia - and listen to them sometimes

  5. Re-think your home-work balance daily

Tips from Prof Lisa Kewley (Australian National University):

  1. Hire a babysitter when you're travelling to conferences with kids

  2. Focus on your work during work hours

  3. Decide on how long you're comfortable with being away from your family - and prioritise accordingly

  4. Work out your optimal schedule using the Urgent-Important Matrix

  5. Delegate your tasks to focus on your research

  6. Go on writing retreats

Read more evidence-based tips on our Managing Home-Work Challenges page by clicking here. Download a copy of the presentation slides by clicking here.


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